For Ridiculing Nigeria’s Messiah And His Hero President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian Man Threatens To Lynch Charly Boy...

Coming after Charly Boy and members of the group were attacked at Wuse Market, Abuja on Tuesday, by Hausa traders  who opposed his OurMumuDonDo protests, a Nigerian man, Salihu Yakubu said that if he had been at the Resume or Resign protest, he would have lynched Charly Boy and members of his group.

Sahara Reporters posted the attack on Charlyboy on their Facebook page and Yakubu wrote;

“I wish I was there, let me lynch Charlyfool and Co to death.” Yakubu said. “I love Buhari and nobody can ridicule or humiliate my hero, Nigeria’s Messiah, Muhammadu Buhari.”