Wizkid Makes Peace With Fan He Fought With In Lagos Club (Video/photo)...

‘Come Closer’ crooner and StarBoy Records Boss, Wizkid, who had a brawl with a fan in a club after he returned to Nigeria after staying abroad for months, has made up with his fan. Wizkid was just chilling in the club few days ago when he spotted Osoria taking shots of him, leading to this scuffle.

Wizkid’s scuffle with the guy was sparked after he spotted him taking shots of him, when all he wanted to do in the club was chill. The celebrity photographer who has been identified as Osoria David aka Giadavido has made up with Wizkid and buried the hatchet.

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Wizkid fought fan at club
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Remember the fan who Wizkid got into a fight with for taking his pictures at the club a few days ago? they’ve made up and its all love now😎✌👊👏 Follow @thenetng for more
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