Sad! How Couple Lost 2 Children In One Week Due To Poverty...

Charles and Hannah Nwankwo who have been living in a house submerged by flood, have narrated the sad tale of losing their 2 children in one week due to poverty.

“When I gave birth to my f2C he had a condition which caused him to convulse regularly. We were managing it traditionally with palm kernel oil and some other things; but one day in March 2017, Chukwuebuka again began to convulse. On this occasion, we had unfortunately run out of the medicines, due to lack of money. To make matters worse, my husband was also not around to do the running around for cash
I was also eight months pregnant and Chukwuebuka was going to be three. I became afraid, panicky and started looking for people to help me. With neighbour’s help, we rushed him to Isolo General Hospital, where he was given injection and he immediately went into coma, which he never came out of.
We really never took him to a hospital anytime he convulsed because the first time it happened and we took him to a hospital, we were told his condition wasn’t medical and that we should lean more towards traditional treatment. Since then, we managed to put it in check until this fateful day.
It was after he went into a coma that we were told we should never have brought him to the hospital, as someone who is convulsing should not be injected.While in coma, they carried out series of tests on him and concluded that his life was in the hands of God and we should just be hopeful. But eventually, we lost him.%ul. But eventually, we lost him.
In the meantime, my second son also took ill. I still can’t understand what happened to Ebubechukwu; I can’t really explain it. He was one year, going to two and not sick. You know as children, he and his brother were always together; they played together, did everything together and were indeed very close. So, when he saw his brother lying in the hospital bed lifeless, he pulled and called his name in desperation. When he didn’t respond, he started crying and we consoled him. Thereafter he just started behaving funny and strange and eventually died.”