Bayelsa State Lawmaker, Kate Owoko Defends Her Floating Toilet...

Two days ago, we brought you reports that a member of the House of Assembly in Bayelsa State, Kate Owoko, built an ‘ultra-modern’ floating toilet and invited the press to commission it!

Coming after her ‘floating toilet’ hit the internet and sparked outrage, with many saying its an insult to democracy, she has come out to defend it!

In a statement she released via her social media handle, Kate said the women in her community demanded for the floating toilet, saying that it was their most pressing need. The statement released by her media team reads

“In line with widespread rumors on the ‘floating toilets’ provided for the women of Okori-Ama and Oweidei-Ama of Amassoma. These were the pressing (immediate) need from these women at the time. Due to the terrain of these said compounds, they were in grave need for such toilets to answer to the ‘call-of-nature’.
Prior to today these women hard to expose themselves to unsanitary conditions. Hence, requested particularly for such toilets from their representative. Hon Kate Owoko ‘personally’ saw to the actualization of this pressing demands from her constituents.
This should be in no way mistaken for a constituency project which is her primary duty to her people. We are all aware that Her constituency project is on Education and it is ongoing” the statement read
To prop her story, she posted also the photos of excited women at the commissioning of the floating latrine.