Chris Attoh Speaks About His Wife & Son In New Interview

In an interview with Ghanaian based radio station, Hitz FM, actor Chris Attoh dismissed rumours that his marriage to actress, Damilola Adegbite is over. Excerpts include;

When asked how his son with Damilola, Brian Attoh copes with his busy schedule;

"Brian is growing up really, really fast. And I think the best part of t is when misses his daddy, and then coming back, having him in my arms.
He likes to sleep on my chest. All of this is of course for him. At the end of the day, once you become a father, nothing you are doing is really about you. Its about his next generation."

On his wife is doing, Attoh said; "She's wonderful."

On how he feels when he hears 'false' rumours about his marriage
"I don't hear them. I don't read them. I'm too focused. I can't be bothered about all this. What's important is in front of me,"
On people making a case over his wife not responding to an IG post celebrating  their wedding anniversary.
"I got my response, don't worry. (laughs) The response doesn't have to be on Instagram and I remember speaking to her that evening. I cant share the rest because it's Parental Guidance (PG) show.. or is it not? Or you want me to talk about how ..laughs."
On how often they see each other because of their work schedules
"Because of what we do, as often as we can. It's tough because sometimes I might be away for 2-3 months but that's usually the interval. When she can come, she comes, when I can go, I go. But it's better to stay focused when you are working you know."