(Video) I’m Happy You Gained Yours Voices When I Lost Mine, Tuface Praises Protesters

2face Idibia who pulled out of the One Voice Nigeria protest which took place on Monday last night took to his Instagram page to thank Nigerians for still letting their voices heard even though he was not present at the protest.

He said he is glad they found their voices when he lost his. Read the translation below....
“I watched with tears in my eyes as Nigerians came out yesterday to speak up in protest on the streets, on social media, on the radio,” he said. “I watched as Nigerians demonstrated that no one voice is louder than the other, whether you be 2baba or security forces. I watched as many people called me a coward but I am happy to be a coward that spoke up and I will always continue to speak up.” 
“I am grateful [to] everybody that lent their voice when I lost mine. You guys are the real heroes,” he continued. “I am happy you came out. I am happy you came out peacefully.”
Watch the video:

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