MMM Nigeria Makes Important Announcement As Frustration Ravages Community Members

MMM Nigeria has promised its despondent members of the normalization of 'business operations' following a long range of setbacks suffered since the controversial freezing of accounts since the 13th of December, 2016.

In a fresh communique titled, "MMM Nigeria Is Coming Back to Normal" which was issued from the stable of the MMM leadership late yesterday, 9th of February, 2017; the scheme has promised a comeback with some developing re-adjustments in the mode of operation.

Part of it reads:

"Dear members,

MMM Nigeria lifts all the lmits for Mavro, acquired in 2017. So MMM Nigeria is coming back to normal. And now the members can actively develop the community and create new requests to provide help. For these requests orders will soon arrive, and after Mavro's confirmation it will be possible to withdraw these Mavro without any restrictions or limits! Only Mavros acquired in 2016 remain under restriction. But we are actively working on new measures to make it possible for the members to withdraw Mavro-2016 in a larger amount without undermining the sustainability of the community"