Man Who Tried To Steal $7 Billion Claims He Did It Because Jesus Wanted Him To Get Rich

A Florida man tried to steal $7 billion in wire transfers and the reason he gave for his action was that "Jesus wanted him to be rich". John Michael Haskew of Lakeland, Florida, fraudulently transferred $70 billion from an unidentified bank in over 70 transactions and when he was caught he used Jesus as his defense.

Authorities said he claimed that Jesus Christ created wealth for everyone and that he was simply tapping into the wealth that is rightfully his which Jesus Christ created for him.

Haskew who is unemployed and owes the government money reveals that he learnt to make the fraudulent transfer by experimenting. He claims to be self-taught on the banking industry and that was how he was able to carry out the theft.

He pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement to the federal government, as part of a plea deal, and could serve up to five years in prison in addition to a fine of $250,000.